The roll call is a gallery of portraits of the models photographed
by Champ from 1950-1985. The fire in 1986 that cremated Man-Age Studios
also took a large chunk of Champion. The work on some models now consists of just a few
slides while others are intact.

All images İ Press
All rights reserved. Commercial use forbidden.

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eddie_brennan&lynn_hunikİchampion.jpg (13430 bytes)
Lynn Hunik and
Eddie Brennan

bud_savageİchampion.jpg (15344 bytes)
Bud Savage

traynorİchampion.jpg (16040 bytes)
stachİchampion.jpg (16819 bytes)
slick_silverİchampion.jpg (14062 bytes)
Slick Silver

bob_drumonİchampion.jpg (13681 bytes)
Robert Peter Drumon

doug_jacksonİchampion.jpg (16599 bytes)
Doug Jackson /
Sonny Landham

lynn_hunikİchampion.jpg (14284 bytes)
Lynn Hunik

Eddie Brennan

Buddy Holland

jehruİchampion.jpg (14785 bytes)

hans_biggerstafİchampion.jpg (14513 bytes)
Hans Biggerstaf

douglas_timothy_campbellİchampion.jpg (10624 bytes)
Douglas Timothy Campbell

campbell&macbrideİchampion.jpg (13557 bytes)
Douglas Timothy Campbell
& Jason MacBride

campbell&thommİchampion.jpg (14705 bytes)
Douglas Timothy Campbell
& Peter Thomm

Frank Lindhurst
dakİchampion.jpg (14520 bytes)
chris_hartİchampion.jpg (11456 bytes)
Chris Hart
willie_kochİchampion.jpg (11363 bytes)
Willie Koch
kirt_loaderİchampion.jpg (17449 bytes)
Kirt Loader
rusty_drumonİchampion.jpg (13866 bytes)
Rusty Drumon
bo_nilssonİchampion.jpg (11455 bytes)
Bo Nilsson
hank_strouthersİchampion.jpg (13892 bytes)
Hank Strouthers
luke_anthonyİchampion.jpg (9899 bytes)
Luke Anthony
poe_webbİchampion.jpg (8546 bytes)
Poe Webb


jack_shackİchampion.jpg (10367 bytes)
Jack Schack
alan_greiseİchampion.jpg (11349 bytes)
Alan Greise
carloİchampion.jpg (14953 bytes)

Stan Grayson
bard_allenİchampion.jpg (12695 bytes)
Bard Allen
billy_stevensİchampion.jpg (11698 bytes)
Billy Stevens
guy_harding_mooreİchampion.jpg (18031 bytes)
Guy Harding Moore
buddy_horneİchampion.jpg (15367 bytes)
Buddy Horne
brian_okeefeİchampion.jpg (11658 bytes)
Brian O'Keefe
tom_mastersİchampion.jpg (14297 bytes)
Tom Masters

guy_harding_moore&bob_brtysonİchampion.jpg (13345 bytes)
Guy Harding Moore
& Bob Bryson

jud_carlinİchampion.jpg (12219 bytes)
Jud Carlin

rich_sternbergerİchampion.jpg (12310 bytes)
Rich Sternberger

vas_kovacİchampion.jpg (9601 bytes)
Vas Kovac
wally_mccrayİchampion.jpg (12765 bytes)
Wally McCray
garth_singerİchampion.jpg (14137 bytes)
Garth Singer
rob_royeİchampion.jpg (10937 bytes)
Rob Roye
kevin_youngİchampion.jpg (10744 bytes)
Kevin Young
clay_randallİchampion.jpg (11357 bytes)
Clay Randall
bruno_palmaİchampion.jpg (14736 bytes)
Bruno Palma

Jim Johnson

Richard Conray

Bob Schaft
vic_renaultİchampion.jpg (13492 bytes)
Vic Renault
ned_jacobsİchampion.jpg (14681 bytes)
Ned Jacobs
lance_yorkİchampion.jpg (9984 bytes)
Lance York
roger_kentİchampion.jpg (14061 bytes)
Roger Kent
lance_willettİchampion.jpg (12399 bytes)
Lance Willett
gordon_brittİchampion.jpg (14585 bytes)
Gordon Britt
don_hacketteİchampion.jpg (11197 bytes)
Don Hackette
tom_wingateİchampion.jpg (11866 bytes)
Tom Wingate
john_gordonİchampion.jpg (12768 bytes)
John Gordon
joel_martinİchampion.jpg (11064 bytes)
Joel Martin
tangoİchampion.jpg (10216 bytes)
buck_hardenİchampion.jpg (10291 bytes)
Buck Harden
glen_kinkeadİchampion.jpg (12942 bytes)
Glen Kinkead
billy_boyerİchampion.jpg (13984 bytes)
Billy Boyer