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Wednesday, May 07, 2008


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Gavin Geoffrey Dillard has been at the forefront of the gay cultural scene
for over two decades. As a poet, his first two volumes of verse were
published by Ian Young's Canadian imprint, Catalyst, when he was yet in
high school. Five volumes have been published since. Gavin edited the
astonishing pansexual collection: Between the Cracks - the Daedalus
Anthology of Kinky Verse
, and he is currently compiling the definitive
anthology of homosexual verse for an autumn, 1998, release on Barricade
Books: A Day for a Lay - A Century of Gay Poetry.
As Gavin Geoffrey, he became immediately famous in the porn world of
the late seventies with his starring role in Steve Scott's "Track Meet" -
at that time, the largest budgeted gay film ever produced. Some fifteen
years later Gavin accidentally put in a surprise guest appearance in the
flick "Stryker Force." He has been featured in Playgirl, Advocate Men, and
numerous publications.
Dillard is known for his widely published photography, his paintings,
songs that have been written with and recorded by such stars as Peter
Allen, Sam Harris and Donna Summer, and most recently for his torrid
Hollywood memoir, killed a few years ago at Dutton/Penguin by lawyers
representing David Geffen, Dolly Parton and Barry Diller - now sweeping
bookstores thanks to Lyle Stuart's ballsy Barricade Books.
Gavin, whom the LA Times once pegged as "The Naked Poet" for his
regular in-the-buff readings around that town, now lives on the coast of
Northern California with a mélange of cats, chickens and orchids. Writing
lyrics for such diverse entities as Disney and several befamed classical
composers, the poet divides his time carefully between his garden
meditations and a very busy interview and lecture schedule. He has just
granted The Archive permission to establish a website for the viewing of
some of the many archival photographs from the model's lengthy career, as
well as to make available signed first editions of his available books.
For further information you may leave emails at this site... (you
know, whatever...)

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Gavin 1998©jan_e_watson

April 3, 2003:
After long loss of communication
have heard from our babe in Hawai'i!!
He's doing fine in paradise and sends all his best.
Bhakti books will be publishing again soon and is now a registered non-profit corporation.

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Gavin's Books
Excerpt from Gavin's Memoir "In The Flesh"

Poems (updated 11/22/98)

Essays: (updated 11/22/98)
Tim -Turn of the Century
The Pit and the Pendulum
Shame on Me
Me and John Boy (Alone on Walton's Mountain)

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