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GARY WILDE (DOB: April 21, 1965 in Brooklyn, NY)

    "Gary" was discovered at age 16 by the infamous Donald Sherin of Male Views (currently in Hell where he came from). 99.9% of M.V. models were 16 when photographed. Most of the pictures on the Web of Gary are from these sessions. Sherin was so inept at photography that he had someone come to his apartment & set up the camera & lighting for him & from then on only took pictures in that location. That location was on his sofa in front of that yellowing wall with colorful towels draped over the couch to liven things up. His models had described the photo sessions as revolting. He had a vile personality & loved to degrade his models. He photographed wearing just boxer shorts. He was very over weight, had large tumors on his legs & an endlessly oozing gunshot wound on his back. This had been done by 3 youths who broke into his apartment to rob him. A "gun nut" he had driven them out &, still bleeding, waited at the windows for them to emerge. With great glee, he always later bragged, he used his rifle to blow the kid's head off who shot him. The story & his collection of guns were shown to models to guarantee no problems. He said the guns were his "model releases". NYC law permitted photographing models at 16. The catch was they couldn't be sold outside of NYC. Federal law classified such as "Child Pornography" as the models were under 18 years of age. If you have any M.V. pix on your pages you are in a great deal of trouble, even more so if you are scanning the pix & distributing them. Look for those colorful towels on the couch. Sherin was finally busted in late 1985 by the F.B.I. & city and state law enforcement for covertly running the nation's biggest child pornography ring connecting Catholic priests, school teachers, & other upstanding, well respected community leaders who created the work to those who bought it. His arrest led to numerous busts across the nation, thanks to the documents he kept to safeguard himself against blackmail. He died a few years later in his apartment above his store, "Gay Treasures", of A.I.D.S. related causes

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     Gary stood 5ft 3 inches tall and was 125 lbs. of pure muscle (from the knees up oddly enough- from the knees down he was average). He was basically heterosexual and loved girls, dancing & talking on the phone.
    He loved to get his toes sucked & feet worship. When barefoot he was always asking people to "Smell my feet". He also loved to urinate in guy's mouths. He hated getting fuck or sucking but loved to fuck & get blown.
    At age 9 he began a career as a boy hustler finding an endless stream of clients. He said they had paid him a good deal of money, which he squandered. Something he said he regretted as an adult when his "tricks" no longer wanted him. The after effects of this caused him great pains. He was made to feel that the normal process of growing up was a bad thing. At puberty, when boys rejoice over body hair & other changes, boy hustlers are unemployed & made to feel like freaks. He never really got over the shock & had days of depression.
    In 1983 when he turned 18 he returned to M.V. to find work & was told he was far too old. Sherin suggested he go over to Man-Age Studios, one of the very few studios still in Manhattan. Man-Age had become the house photographer for Glenn Michael Turner's STARS Magazine out of Washington, DC.
    STARS models were in the 18-21 age range and Gary was ideal. On April 2,1983 he did his first photo session for Man-Age.
garyone©man-age.jpg (3739 bytes) garytwo©man-age.jpg (3582 bytes)  garythree©man-age.jpg (3174 bytes) who noted that he had their discovery & superstar Tommy Wilde's beautiful smile. He actually looked like he could be Tommy's younger brother. He was therefore given the name GARY WILDE.
    He was a bit shy & didn't have great confidence when talking which caused him to speak slowly & mentally search for words. He had very little formal education coming from a poor family and spending his life as a street person basically. Man-Age put him at ease & they hit it off.
    A week later he called and asked if he could move in. He stayed until the Fall of 1985. Man-Age worked with him on his speech & encouraged him. By late '83 you couldn't shut him up.
    Oddly enough few photo sessions were done and the relationship wasn't sexual. They hit it off as friends with lots of fights over Gary's running the phone bills sky high. Unlike Tommy, Gary never did make it to STARS magazine though he became friends with Glenn. 1983 was the year STARS moved to San Francisco after the Gestapo like raid by the DC cops.
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    Man-Age decided to follow up the success of their "Tommy Wilde & Friends" book with a series of "Gary Wilde & the Boys" magazines The Gary Wilde magazines are now prized collector's items and are very hard to find.

    Chris Noll, described by Man-Age as a Bizarro version of Kip, had also moved in with Man-Age. A "gift" from Tommy Wilde. During Man-Age's trip to DC shortly after Gary moved in Kip called & asked Chris about being in a new movie he was producing called "Kip's Casting Couch". Chris brought Gary along & it's in this video you'll find his film debut. Gary stayed with Kip and was too shy to join Kip, when invited, in a three way with Kip's girlfriend.
    Gary also did work for an outfit called "Funtime", it wasn't though. Just as Tommy's experience with them had been negative so was Gary's. He did a solo in which Funtime had to nag him to smile. The segment was so pathetic that Man-Age over dubbed the sound track with odd special effects. It was always a hit for guests to watch the thing. Gary broke up laughing every time he watched it. Eventually he stole it & sold it to a trick. We assume some lucky so & so out there still has it. To get back at him for not liking them Funtime hired Gary to do "The Punishment of Gary Wilde". It was an even more pathetic film with Gary almost comatose from boredom. Thankfully Funtime vanished & the videos are another tidbit for Gary Wilde fanatics to find.
    In 1984 Man-Age & Gary traveled to Washington to spend time with Man-Age's first star, Al Richards. Al was discovered in 1978. He was a full time hustler & sex fiend who looked about as pure and innocent as you could imagine. He was short, cute, well proportioned &, like Gary, had a big penis. He also popped pills & drank nightly as he traveled from the bars & bath houses with a black doctor's bag loaded with dildoes, poppers & other assorted goodies. Against stereotype, always a poor idea in the fantasy world of erotica, he always wanted to be photographed as Mr. Macho and a top (he was dizzy so I guess it made sense). In private he was a massive bottom with an anus you could drive a truck through. Every Christmas he's get falling down drunk & call everyone he ever knew and tell them how much he loved them.
    At this point Al was a successful manager (no pun intended) of a porn store in DC (trivia: in DC you can show pix of guys & gals inserting dildoes into any available hole BUT you can't show someone inserting things like Hot Dogs or celery into butt or vagina. Yes, some elected nitwits in DC actually wrote a law that says that!). Gary just stayed overnight then headed out by bus to visit his family now in Virginia. He & Al hit it off well & on Al's first trip to NYC that summer a photo session was set up. It occurred on 8-5-84 with Al having a noticeable beer gut. They decided that since it was for a magazine layout that couldn't use hardcore to do the "almost" shots from the early 70s. No penetration of any kind was done. A relief for Gary who hated to suck or get fucked.The session ended up in the second Gary Wilde magazine.
    In 1985 the friendship between Gary & Man-Age was souring fast. Even tough Gary had been able to find work on & off at "Famous Ray's Pizzeria" his lack of experience & education made it hard to find work. Man-Age had convinced him to totally abandon hustling so he was almost always broke. Running up hundreds of dollars in phone bills behind Man-Age's back & refusing to stop caused the rift.
    When he returned in late summer after his family visit he had a red "rash" between his legs & said it was nothing. Turns out it was scabies which is highly contagious & out of ignorance contaminated the bed. Man-Age got it & had no idea why he constantly itched. They did the final photo session on 09-26-85. Man-Age did their first & only video a week or so later in DC. Gary was one of five models who did solos. Try & find "Singular Sensations" since was was sold mail order & only about 20 copies were done. When he finished his segment he was taken to the bus by Man-Age model Kevin Marsh - who did two segments as the star of the video. He gave him a letter from Man-Age which told him goodbye & don't return. They did speak a month later by phone but never again had contact.
    Gary did a photo session for someone, we don't know who, which appeared in Blueboy in 1986. He hasn't shown up anywhere else & it's assumed he returned to hustling & may have died. If anyone has any more info please e-mail us & we'll add it to this page.


   Man-Age Press  sells prints of Gary done from the original slides. Click below to go to their page:
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    One final giftie, a proof sheet from the original Man-Age photo session, note Gary on the phone:

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